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Full range of power facilities electrical work for agribusiness
Agrobusiness is an important sector of agriculture. Today, in Ukraine, it has become a desirable area for investment, and the potential is increasing every year. The product demand is growing, and food preferences are changing rapidly. Some of the facilities take these changes, while others aren't ready to change obsolete methods for innovative solutions, and they usually close.
The success of the enterprise depends on the technologies used, reliable equipment, and professional power supply.

We understand the importance of agribusiness processes modernization, so our services are based on combined solutions, accurate calculations, and the experience of certified professionals
Electrical work for agribusiness enterprises
  • Cable runway
    Localization and optimization for cable pathways, mounting modes, and characteristics for cable trays.
  • Power equipment
    Installation and disconnection of electric cabinets, sensors, terminal plates, and control posts.
  • Cable
    Power cable installation in shop floors.
  • Lighting
    Industrial lighting products installation in accordance with the project
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