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Full range of electrical work for industrial enterprises
Industrial business is probably the only area in Ukraine where revolution is a simple process. Each industrial revolution brings new opportunities and prospects. World business analysts predict the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will improve product quality, raise customer expectations, inspire innovation, and create new organizations.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs must use these new opportunities to make more significant progress.
Our company is ready to provide a full package of electrical energy industry services. All internal and external electrical work is carried out under the supervision of a certified engineer. Such work is not just an amateurishness for us but a great responsibility to people, businesses, and the country. Successful electrical powering is an additional opportunity to ensure stability and security at the enterprise.
Electrical works for industrial enterprises are:
Cable runway
Localization and optimization for cable pathways, mounting modes, and characteristics for cable trays.
Power equipment
Installation and disconnection of electric cabinets, sensors, terminal plates, and control posts.
Power cable installation in shop floors
Industrial lighting products installation in accordance with the project
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