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Full range of electrical works for public utility companies
The public utility company is a kind of connecting organization between the government and the community. There are almost 5,000 communal enterprises in Ukraine, and they are similar to government facilities as both run based on public forms of property. Today, this is one of the most popular non-production spheres which is designed to satisfy people's top priority subsistence needs.

Our task is to create the safest conditions for electrical work in the utility.
Outdoor artificial lighting for roads, parks, towns, settlements, or individual enterprises fulfills the aesthetic, economic, and environmental targets. Correct lighting design, certified material, up-to-date equipment, qualitative and prompt work are ensuring a positive influence on comfort living for residents, employees, and vehicle operators. Also, there is a minimal environmental impact.

With the help of power lines reconstruction, there is less voltage across the electrical grid. These benefits make it possible to save and cover the project expenses quicker.
A package of services for public utility companies
  • Design calculation
    Technical conditions and technical inquiry analysis, develop a design for interior and exterior electrical networks.
  • Commissioning work
    Grounding resistance check, insulation and cables test, completion of the documentation
  • Electrical work
    Support erection, power cable, lights, and electric cabinets installation.
  • Reconstruction and renewing
    Inspection and reconstruction of existing power grids for residential houses and commercial premises to power augmentation.
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