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Full range of electrical work for building and general contractors
The construction business in Ukraine is rather unstable but still an essential sector of the national economy. This business solves dozens of social issues, uses information from related industries, and creates a large number of jobs.
Client-centeredness and service delivery areas are growing. The product range is replenished with new out-of-the-box solutions every year. Residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities are quite high.

That's why there are several things necessary for a developer:

  • Keep up a reputation
  • Facility should be ready up to the time
  • Find an experienced contractor for fast and proper management of electrical work

    An integral part of successful business with both property buyers and large-scale investors is the proper electrical power supply in the building.
Electric-installation services for building business are:
  • Power supply
    Erection works to power the facility
  • External work
    Anti-lightning protection, grounding, and outdoor lighting
  • Powering itself
    Self-contained and alternate power design and installation
  • Internal work and installation
    Cable runway, electric cabinets, cable products installation, charge registers connection, lift shaft powering, halls, and stairway lighting.
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