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ElectroPolus – IF - is electrical wiring company with a great history and inclusive approach to your business

"ElectroPolus – IF" launched in 2006 as a small company with a correct concept, a few ideas, and a promising team that was ready to develop the project from ground zero.
We moved towards our goal. We wanted each of our clients to be satisfied!
Of course, we strove to be the TOP company in Ukraine, but clients were our number one concern. Then it was hard, but today, I can state with confidence we did it.

Working over 14 years in the energy sector, I realized that there is only one "win-win" strategy for the company – ensure success for your client.

Andrey Shpakovich
СEO "ElectroPolus – IF"

The starting point for scaling a business is correctly defined goals, "right" people and understanding the value of the service you provide
We really loved the energy area, so we kept improving through experience, updating services, and expanding the assortment of goods.

An inclusive approach in practice: how we implement tasks for large-scale facilities
Our team
Why us?
following current market
we assess our possibilities, so we do not delay project implementation
the result of an inclusive approach and cooperation, which becomes a "permanent."
stable operation of your electrical grids
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76007 Ivano-Frankivsk
st. Maksymovycha, 15
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