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Electrical grids reconstruction for industrial enterprises

Complex electrical work for TOV "Ligos"
We started cooperation with TOV "Ligos" in 2015. There were several work stages of existing electric grid reconstruction as well as powering new shop floor and office building.
The team of 5 professionals
Project manager is Volodymyr Tverdokhlib
300 m
Cable runway
13,420 m
Cable was routed
Electric cabinets were assembled and disconnected
850 шт
Розключено датчиків, клемних коробок та постів керування
Cooperation period
Due to the production lines suspension, we must follow the schedule to minimize business expenditure.
A key aspect for customer
Complex electrical work for PJSC "Vinnytsapobuthim."
Our company received a request from PJSC "Vinnytsapobuthim" for electrical work. The reconstruction of external power supply networks and the installation of supply transformers and distribution circuits were requested.

The team of 15 specialists
Project manager Volodymyr Tverdokhlib
250 m
Cable runway
1,650 m
Cable was routed
Siemens Transformers 1000 кVA
power distribution station-0,4 хEnergy (ЕATON) 2000 А
Performance of work
The customer wished to optimize production capacity without any losses for the technological process.
A key aspect for customer
Complex electrical work for Tov "Morgan Furniture"
"Morgan Furniture" plant in Rivne needed reconstruction of an electrical grid in the existing shop to start a new production. Also, we did electrical work in the new warehouse.

The team of 10 professionals
Project manager Volodymyr Tverdokhlib

1,000 m
Cable runway
26,900 m
Cable was routed
Electric cabinets were assembled and disconnected
Illumination and installations devices were installed
Performance of work
Compliance with the deadline was fundamental as there were other construction and technical activities.
A key aspect for customer
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